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Ready to become an authentic + unique leader in your field, so that you never have to worry about your competition again?


Time to let your light shine brightly!


Online entrepreneur, coach, course or content creator:

YOU are the face of your business, you are the brand.

You're called to show up, your audience, your ideal clients, your people need you.

You may love this idea - or not, but the world wants to see you.

And selling, marketing and community-building will be easy and fun if you have a clear business persona (aka personal brand).


Let's make this experience fun and authentic.

I can show you how to align your business persona with your higher self.

And make sure this 'personal brand' is impactful and consistent, because you wanna be intentional in the way you show up.

After all, it's your personality that draws in like-minded customer fans you can serve and help.


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Unlock instant clarity


#1 What exactly makes you unique in the eyes of others and what part of you is irresistible to your ideal clients

#2 How to align your biz persona with your authentic self inspiring you to sell, market and present in a natural way

#3 How to present yourself online with ease (no more awkward livestreams!)

#4 How to speak from the heart in everything you wanna communicate.

#5 How to ensure you present a consistent image, even though you love to be spontaneous


This clarity forms the basis of all your business communications, relationships, even your selling style


Getting the foundation right is key to allowing flow into your business. 

It's the antidote to feeling 'stuck', 'like a fraud', 'confused', 'limited'. You're about to learn how you can show up with the special flair that only YOU have.


No more being jealous of other entrepreneurs as you discover how to stand out with ease and finally set yourself apart with your true personality.

For only £17


Learn the exact steps my most successful clients take to become true influencers. 

Apply this proven strategy straight away and nail your unique awesomeness, making your presentation–and your offerings–irresistible to your customers.

What you'll learn

  • The most efficient process to uncover your authentic self (hint: this doesn't have to take long and won't distract you from actually working in your business!)

  • Locate the sweet spot where your authentic self meets market needs. You'll emerge with a refined message making your offerings irresistible to your people.

  • How to give your presentation the subconscious appeal and effortlessly attract ideal customers as they respond to your deep communication.

  • Discover the ingredient that gives you star appeal and sets you apart from everyone else (yes, this will be unique to YOU!)

  • The methods I use to create – and maintain – 6 figure brands, as consistency is key to being recognisable and memorable.
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Get a 5-part prerecorded personal brand video workshop to complement your workbook. Here's a little preview of what you expect after you sign yourself up:

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Get this knowledge for yourself

Align your true self with your business self and be ready to let your light shine + attract a tribe of ideal customers as you stand out with your unique personality.

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Which of the testimonials below do you resonate most with?

My most successful clients are entrepreneurs just like you and me.

And even though every business, every circumstance, every niche is individual, they are so successful because they invest in themselves and their business, they're inspired and take consistent action. 

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"As a visual creative I have a very defined aesthetic which Gwendi understood completely and she helped me see how I could enhance it.

Gwendi helped me create a space that not only looks better but also works harder for me and my brand."

Lucy Tammam
London, UK

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I loved the strategic thinking Gwen introduced me to about my brand. 

She helped me find a brand identity and gave me the confidence to follow through with my instincts and ideas.“

Serafina Salvador
London, UK

The True Biz Self Workbook is for you, if you

  • desire to build an online empire
  • are wondering how on earth you can enjoy being visible online
  • aren't sure whether you could ever enjoy being an influencer even though you do love the validation
  • need to make a way bigger splash if you want to hit your financial goals
  • are called to help people and want to create a bigger impact

True Biz Self Workbook


Make a living with your true calling

  • Uncover your authentic self fast (and without neglecting your business!)
  • Locate the sweet spot where your authentic self meets market needs
  • Master the deep communication so that your subconscious appeal effortlessly attracts ideal customers
  • Discover the ingredient that gives you star appeal and sets you apart from everyone else
  • Unlock methods I use to create (and maintain!) 6 figure brands
  • Change up your learning with the bonus video content

  • Limited time offer: £17
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A personal invitation from Gwen...


Hi, I'm Gwen and I help entrepreneurs like you become visible, play big, create the consistent income that makes their dream life and business a reality. 
I'm currently qualifying as a cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapist to help you increase confidence, motivation and productivity so that you have all the tools to manifest your dream business.
I'm a master brand strategist and have extensive teaching experience through my decade as a tutor at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London.
Before all that I was creative lead in corporate London, creating brand strategies for clients such as EA Games, MTV and Getty Images.
I'm looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to take the BIG leap and create a BIG life going into 2023. You totally got this. And I can't wait to support you in your journey to creating an abundant life and business.
With love,
X Gwen
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