Get out of your head and start to wholeheartedly believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals


I'm Gwen

I'm a certified and registered cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist helping you face your fears and overcome obstacles. 

Since I started my business over a decade ago, I've learned how to stop overthinking, stop procrastinating and confront daunting tasks. Public speaking, livestreaming, selling high end bespoke programs. 

I got out of my head and started to believe in myself.

Healing low self-esteem from past programming got me to high ticket sales (and marketing) confidence.

Now I use what I’ve learned to help people just like you grow their confidence...and their life.

I've taught my methods to clients who have gone on to build multiple 6-figure businesses.

Let me show you how to feel motivated every day, grow your audience with joy and ease and get more high ticket sales.

Be bold

Remove fear and doubt to feel exhilarated once again!

Be inspired

Make your goals stronger than your moods and take inspired action every day.

Be generous

Congratulate yourself and others on a job well done, have a celebration mindset.

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My Story


I always wanted to go far in life so I set off from my German home village as soon as I could. Destination: the big cities abroad. I went on to live in Dublin, Milan and settled in central London in the early Noughties. I was on a roll.

Reality bit one grey 2020 morning. I had been so busy raising three kids that I'd neglected my business!

The gravity of the situation struck me like a ton of bricks. My confidence wavered. The pressure to secure another high-ticket client hung heavily over my shoulders but instead of confronting the challenge head-on, I found myself retreat into the comfort of mundane family life.

Honestly? Caught in the daily grind of parenthood, I hated stepping into the spotlight of social media. Self-doubt nagged me that no one would be interested in what I had to offer. That I'm not good enough as I was and must be perfect to make up for it.

Instead of confidently presenting my 1-1 program in all its imperfect glory, I found solace in the routine of household chores...a convenient escape from the daunting prospect of showcasing my worth on a public platform.

The turning point came when I finally confronted the roots of my struggles and replaced them with kind thoughts. This helped me get out of my head and start believing in myself.

With renewed determination, I set aside the broom and grabbed my phone. It was time to face my fears. I was back in business.

Working with Gwen has given me a framework for my day to day so that I  finally have a tool to overcome my issue.

- Lila

Executive Marketing Director, London 

I had considered hypnotherapy before but hesitated to go with it. But I felt a connection to Gwen and was very comfortable opening up to her. 

When I decided to book hypnotherapy I was already feeling a seed of positive energy that I wanted to build on. The therapy with Gwen nurtured this positive seed and helps me revert to positivity whenever I find myself in a negative state.

The hypnosis and guided meditations helped me the most, but the personal talks beforehand were cathartic too. Some things I already knew, others became clear to me because of the conversations we had. Together, they really built up my self-confidence.

- Araz

Trust Manager, London

Thanks to Gwen's help I turned over 6-figures in my first year, doubled that revenue in the second year and tripled it in the third.

 - Sonal

Founder, Cotswolds

Why I Do It


After overcoming my own challenges with anxiety and low confidence, I realised the strategies I used could help others facing similar issues.

Many online course creators and coaches, like me, wanted to boost their confidence for high-ticket sales but didn't know how to change their mindset.

Having found a method how to heal past programming and gain the confidence necessary for successful high-ticket sales, I now help heart centred entrpreneurs reach their goals.


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