How To Manifest Your Goals 

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Real-Life Guide to Manifesting Your Goals


You've come to the right place if you've ever

  • tossed a copy of 'the Secret' back into the pile because it seemed…naff?
  • wondered whether your n e g a t i v e thoughts throw a spammer in your manifestations? 
  • felt that your manifestations could be even better with less dreaming and more doing?
  • thought that the law of attraction is awesome, but knew that it's only one of 12 universal law at play 


Today, you'll first get a simple equation that clarifies the basic conditions needed for any successful manifestation. Then I'll show you the 8 steps you can take to manifest your dream business or any other life, personal, professional goal you may have.


How Do You Make Your Dream (Business) A Reality? 

So before we get to the 8 steps, lets check out this equation, it sums up the manifesting process neatly:


If you have these three in place you're going to be unstoppable. Do you have them all covered? Check in and see where you might be letting your manifestations down. 

  • Some folks have a clear purpose but lack the belief or confidence that they can do it.
  • Others have massive confidence but haven't set an intention where to direct the confidence.
  • Others again have the intention but get hung up on the action bit.
  • All three factors are needed in balance to create a successful manifestation for you.


INTENTION. Be 100% Clear. What Is It You Want To Manifest? 

Be clear on what that dream looks like for you. Schedule some time to get clear on this vision. For some, the vision has been buried under other peoples’ expectations. Some digging might be needed and then they might need to set some boundaries to declare their path to others.

For others, it can mean refocusing the vision regularly as they become distracted along the way. In this case they can set aside 5 minutes every week to check in whether they're still on track. Or they can simply stop and ask themselves: 'Is this in line with my vision?' when they make an impulsive decision.


BELIEF. Do You Believe You Can Achieve Your Goals? 

You’ll also need unshakeable confidence in your ability to create your dream life. Making your dreams a reality feels pretty out there, doesn't it? According to jobsage over half of Americans (53%) think their dreams aren't realistic. 

Is it helpful to to be in that 53% if you want to reach for your dream life? Learning how to manifest your dream life is a powerful skill that can help you create the life you’ve always wanted.

Sure, you can’t buy BELIEF, or confidence, it’s something you gotta switch on or develop. For some this is easy and for others it’s harder to flip that switch. Their subconscious mind might need reassurance. Watch this space to learn how to install new positive affirmations during hypnosis.

ACTION. Are You In The Game? 

Finally, to make your dream happen you need motivation to take inspired action every day. If you aren’t manifesting your heart’s desire you might not be taking the right action – consistently.

You can get the steps at the click of a button, but most people aren't taking them. Why? They're overwhelmed, don't know where to start and feel blocked.

No need to break into a sweat. Stay close and I’ll show you how action can be effortless and inspired. Small, realistic steps every day are easiest to maintain, create momentum and a powerful stacking effect.


MAGIC. Get Manifesting!

As a certified and licensed cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist (and business coach) I’m not going to hypnotise you into manifesting shedloads of cash.

What I WILL do is show you how to apply a hands-on approach to manifesting without superstition. Even though I love a good money candle, we’re not going to rely simply on rituals to manifest for us. And even though we’re going to note the signs we’re not going to make those the centrepiece either.

We’re going to focus on your purpose, your confidence and on getting more of the right action done every day. I want you to get the down-to-earth mindset that will lead you to the results you desire.

You in? Great.


Ultimate Guide On How To Manifest Your Goals


  • Get Clear On What You Want To Achieve 

    You want to create a vision that lights you up and that you feel excited working towards. Visualise your goal in detail. Create a vision board. Put pen to paper and start making it real. Write, sketch, draw, script it out.

    If you're a specific manifestor then you'll want to go into every detail, if you're a non-specific manifestor you'll hang on to your big vision, giving the universe more space to bring this or something better into your life. The great news is that there’s no right or wrong here as long as you get clear on the goal. A big TIP: include the reasons why you want this vision. They are going to fire you up.


  • Notice Any Resistance 

    Now that you’ve clarified and declared your vision, internal resistance might crop up. This resistance often shows up as fear and doubt. It's normal. We want to reduce the thoughts and feelings that hold you back. And this is how: identify each of these thoughts or feelings, each limiting belief. Write them out.

    Now replace them with supportive stories to tell yourself instead. Literally replace and counter each and every one of them. Clear your fears. Release the limiting beliefs. Once you've done that you can look at your vision again and see if you can make it even bigger!

  • Release Envy 

    When we go after our dream business and life we can get into comparison and judgement. We see what others have and want it as well. This is a toxic state to be in so we want to turn our feelings of envy into something productive. Whenever you see someone doing what you want to do be happy for them instead of judging,

    Literally open your heart, congratulate them and release that nagging feeling. If they do it that means you can do it too. Trust that there’s more than enough to go around. For example, just because your competitor has a 100 clients it doesn’t mean there’s no clients left for you! Whenever you notice feeling inadequate use this to drive you on. Cultivate a fun, competitive mindset, like a fun sports-match with your mates.

  • Make A Plan 

    Take your vision and reverse-engineer it back to today. Create milestones you want to reach on the way. Make it achievable and actionable – and realistic. There's nothing worse than setting the bar too high for yourself and then continuously not hitting the milestone. When making the plan quickly identify what could stop you from taking a step. Being aware of potential obstacles makes you more likely to overcome them. This is even more effective if you work through these with hypnotherapy for example.

    Having a dry run through a potential obstacle improves resilience and ability to stay the course even if things get tough. This is where my theory deviates a bit from the pure law of attraction. Because I've seen that simply being aware of say your tendency to procrastinate won't attract procrastination into your life. It will help you come up with an action plan on how to eliminate procrastination.

  • Get Into Inspired Action 

    So you've set short-term and long-term goals for yourself. Now you stick to the plan you created. Take action on your goals. This is a crucial step in manifesting your goals. Seize any chance to take action and make progress. Try to be as consistent as possible, even the tiniest step creates momentum.

    Have you fallen off the horse one day? Get back on it the next day. Don't let slip or derail. The universal law of action is about keeping moving, even in the tiniest steps into the direction you have chosen. And the law of cause and effect ensures your progress as every action has a reaction and will create change in your life.

  • Honour Your Progress 

    Celebrate. Kick back and celebrate even the small wins. Slow down for a moment and high-five everyone around you. Acknowledge your achievements. Pause and reflect.

    This is the easiest step to skip. Often we achieve a goal and don't even blink. We're already chasing after the next milestone. Don't let this be you. You can put your foot on the pedal again after your celebration.

  • Step Into The Version Of Yourself That Makes It Happen

    Deep down, you know who you need to BE to achieve your manifestation. Step into your best self, embody the version of yourself who is ALREADY living the reality that you want. Act like her, take on her values, behaviours, think her thoughts.

    Fully immerse yourself in that best version of yourself and you’ll propel yourself towards fulfilling that dream. For example if you want to create a 6-figure business? Start acting like the CEO you know you need to become.

  • Raise Your Vibration: Practise Trust, Gratitude, Joy

    Finally, stay positive and open to the possibilities.Your thoughts shape your reality. Get into a positive mindset and attract the right opportunities for you.

    Look around you and know that this or something better is manifesting for you. It takes time and effort to manifest your goals. Trust the process and stay focused on your vision and be open to the outcome. Believe in yourself and your dreams, be willing to take some risks and get uncomfortable. Take the time to really understand your goals, take action, and stay positive. With enough focus and dedication, you can make your dreams a reality.

    All that's left to do for you is follow the path that’s unfolding in front of you. There's no need to push into a specific direction. Let yourself be pulled. Trust that the universe is at work to create ‘this or something better’ for you.


Put this into practice!

Take 5 minutes and grab pen and paper and scribble out ONE of your goals! Get specific, get real and make it bigger. This is your destination. Let it guide you.


Loads of love,

xoxo Gwen


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