Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind: How to Reprogram Your Mind to Manifest

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Your Subconscious Is A Powerful Force In Your Manifestations, Get It On Board And It’ll Pull You In The Direction Of Your Big Dreams

What to do if feel you're not 100% onboard with your own goal? When you feel something is holding you back?

Because sometimes we have ALL the steps but still can't reach that goal. We procrastinate, feel guilty, stall. Then get into massive action for a while, but nothing seems to bring the big goal closer.

What's going on here, could there be part of YOU sabotaging your own goal?


Scroll down if you want to how to reprogram your mind. Feel unstoppable and go for what you want... (heads up: this article contains one affiliate product recommendation link)


Could There Be A Part Of You Sabotaging Your Goal? 


Your conscious mind (or conscious awareness) might be trying to push through something that your subconscious disagrees with.

A goal that's at odds with your subconscious values, beliefs, and automatic behaviours is a tough one to achieve. Subconscious beliefs may be invisible but they're in charge!

If you're not 100% onboard, then you’re likely to keep sabotaging yourself. You’re bound to procrastinate even though you think you looooong for the result. Being in this state creates enormous, unnecessary tension in you as well as in your environment.

I spoke to Elise recently, who says she wants to grow her business to 6 figures but she doesn't want to do any content marketing, for example posting on social media, or email marketing etc. She ‘wants getting clients to be only based on word of mouth and recommendations’. 

Even though she knows that marketing is part of a 6-figure business she doesn’t want to market it beyond relying on referrals. Needless to say, Elise hasn’t managed to reach her targets because of her marketing avoidance. 

Why is she procrastinating on marketing even though she realises it is a necessary part of growing a business?

It might be helpful for her to check whether she holds some resistance to marketing (and selling) in her subconscious.


Read on for the exact steps on how to get the tools that will help you reach any goal by enrolling a powerful ally that will pull you into the direction of your wildest dreams.

1. Tune In To Your Subconscious


A relaxed state is key if you want to access your subconscious. Try the below practices to tune into your subconscious even more ‚ú®

  • Affirmations (repetition is key to soak a message into your mind)
  • Visualisation
  • Hypnosis (only click this link if you're curious how hypnotherapy could help you!)
  • Meditation (only click this link if you'd like the FREE guided meditation that will help you release limiting beliefs and create space for your manifestations)
  • Dream analysis
  • Breathwork
  • Free association/ creative expression
  • Body awareness
  • Rhythmic beats (click this link for music that's made for your brain and it's more effective than binaural beats. It's the only product I officially endorse and I only recommend products I use myself and love! If you use coupon: gwendiklisa you'll get 20% off – DISCLAIMER: I get a small affiliate fee.)



2. Find Out What Your Subconscious Is Trying To Tell You


‚Äč‚ÄčBecome aware of any resistance in the form of limiting beliefs. This awareness is the first step towards success because we can only fix what we know about.

Discover the limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns that are holding you back from achieving your goal. Buying into these beliefs can make it hard, even impossible to reach your goals.

‚Äč‚ÄčObserve them without judgement and take a note of all of them.‚Äč‚Äč Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. Don't assume you already know what’s holding you back. Get curious and unpack your resistance with questions.

Here’s the deal for Elise: online marketing isn't scary in itself if you think about it. It’s simply a business activity of getting a message out and putting an offering on the table.

What’s Elise worried about? 

She could ask herself why she's avoiding marketing:

  • Is it the need to appear perfect?
  • Is it embarrassing to her to be seen as starting small with marketing?
  • Is there a fear of being exposed?
  • Or a fear of being seen as showing off?
  • Fear of taking up too much space?
  • Could it be possible she doesn't believe in her own product?

Maybe she is afraid to turn into a ‘devious’ and ‘manipulative’ marketer? Can you see here how she has a choice on how she can act? Once Elise *gets* what is going on she can act in a new way that's aligned with her values. Knowing what or who she doesn't want to be will help her figure out what she does want.


3. Challenge Your Negative Beliefs


If you want to build your dream life, you start by changing your belief system. Replace your subconscious negative beliefs with positive statements instead. These are known as positive affirmations.

Check in with yourself and find out whether the story you're telling yourself has legs. Any negative beliefs you hold are possibly completely irrational or simply wrong.

  • Your subconscious beliefs are often based on ancient programming dating back millenias. (For example: if I stand out too much my tribe will see me as ‘other’. They're going to expel me – and I'm not going to survive by myself in these mountains.)
  • Your subconscious might be running a script that is outdated, not applicable to you or based on a misconception you picked up. (For example: ‘marketing is manipulation’. Note how you always have a choice on how you market your own business.)
  • Or you might find wisdom in your fear, as it protects one of your core values. (For example: Elise's top value is authenticity, honour and community. Her marketing has to mirror this.)


4. Put Your Subconscious At Ease


This step removes fear. Imagine what it would feel like if your fear has been neutralised.

How do we do that? When you become aware of what occupies and worries your subconscious mind, you can commit to staying alert to it.

Pledge to your subconscious that you won’t override its concerns. This way you remove resistance and help the subconscious be open to try a new way.

Building trust with your subconscious will melt blocks faster. Soothe your subconscious’ worries by letting it know that you got its message and assure it that you will protect it. 


Elise, who is worried that she might appear pushy in her marketing, could make a pact with her subconscious that she

  • won’t ever do crazy, dumping-price sales,
  • will only ever invite people to buy but never push them,
  • will only ever sell offerings that are 100% aligned with what she stands for,
  • will always market and communicate in a way that feels right to her. 


The subconscious will embrace your dreams and drive you on to fulfil them if you don't work against it. So assure it. Listen to its inner wisdom, stay true to its values and promise and keep it safe.

This way, your subconscious will transform the anxieties that are holding you back into energy that drives you on. This is how your subconscious gets ahead of you and starts pulling you towards your dreams.


5. Be Encouraged By What's Possible


Find examples of people who are living your dream. This can have a very positive effect on you because you can see what's possible for you too!

You can choose anyone - historical figures, someone you know personally, even someone you don't know. Show your subconscious what else is possible!

Elise’s subconscious for instance is overloaded with examples of sleazy, pushy marketers. She needs to see what else is possible. She could find examples of entrepreneurs being visible with their marketing in an authentic and non-salesy way.

Business owners growing an online audience with their marketing 

  • Building a community
  • Having conversations on social media
  • Delivering value
  • Helping people
  • Growing their income 


The more positive stories you present to your subconscious, the more likely you are to believe a positive outcome is possible!

These examples create a positive association with what you're worried about, so you stop feeling scared and start feeling excited instead.

Find a number of examples that show what you fear is actually possible and desirable. For example being authentic and non-slimy in your marketing. You want to collect as many examples as you need to get yourself to believe that ‘this is definitely possible’. And 'this is definitely possible for me'. 

If you tell yourself something is possible (and provide case studies) your subconscious will make it possible for you as well.


6. Turn Envy Into Growth – Turn Anxiety Into Fuel 


Do you ever get that agitated feeling when you see another person – someone just like you! – having the success you want?

Your states of mind can be felt on a physical plane. Maybe you experience a burning sensation in your stomach, pressure in your chest, or something similar. It's really up to whether to let this feeling discourage you – or let it fuel you.

Someone else's success won't rob you of yours. The agitation you feel is one of the motors that drives humans to evolve, so embrace it. Your mind is constantly on the lookout to point out any 'dangers' and make you safe. It wants you to improve.

A positive side effect of this is that it transforms envy into inspiration. If you spot someone else with what you want, there’s no need to feel salty. Instead, *thank them*. Be grateful that they’re providing you with a case study of what is possible for you as well.  

Give your examples some thought. Be inspired by them. And don’t assume that you already know why you could never be like your examples. Be inspired and know that if it is possible for someone else, it is indeed possible for you too.

Looking for an example but can't find one? It's always possible to be the first to do something. Remember, the rest of us need you to step up so that we can use you as our inspiration. 

Just inform your subconscious that you will be the first. It’ll get to work to make it possible as long as you don't tell it your goal is impossible.


7. Commit To The Process 


Reprogramming your subconscious is an ongoing process. So get cosy with consistency and repetition. They’re the key to your success. Don't forget to treat your subconscious as an ally.

You're together on this lifelong mission to manifest your wildest dreams.

The subconscious mind works for you if you operate it properly. Use it to assist you in reaching your goal. Feed it scripts that are in alignment with your current values and goals. Ensure you’re troubleshooting, programming and updating the scripts regularly. 


8. Stay Positive


Get motivated and stay inspired by people and books, websites, social media accounts that make you feel good and support you. Surround yourself with all the good stuff you want to attract, live the law of attraction. You want to be absorbing information and vibes that uplift you.

Reduce your contact with people who bring you down. We don’t want limiting beliefs messing with our positive mindset. 

Shield yourself if you can’t avoid low vibe situations. For example if someone tells you:

‘wow, my sister is turning 50 and has applied for a massive new job!’ 

You could argue a case with this person. If that isn't possible simply reassure your subconscious in a private dialogue.

You could say in your head:

'your reality might not allow you to make career moves at any age. But this isn’t true for me’.

Put up your shield. What others take on as truth doesn't need to apply for you – make sure you reassure your subconscious.


Let’s Put This Into Practice!


Let's get into action now that you've learned how to reprogram your unconscious. Think of one goal you just can't seem to reach. See if there is resistance and what it is telling you.

Take 2-5 minutes, quiet yourself and answer one of these questions:

  • What's your intuition telling you about the goal? 
  • What association do you have with the goal? 
  • Is there any fear around reaching the goal?
  • What are you afraid of exactly? 
  • Why are you resisting your goal? 
  • Is there something you'll lose if you reach the goal? 
  • What are you gaining from not reaching the goal?


Which of these questions resonates most with you? And, most importantly, what’s one action step you can take now to overcome your resistance?


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