How To Win Social Media: Advice For Introverts

I'm Not Going In Front Of The Camera Because...

  • I’m an introvert
  • I’m camera shy
  • I prefer to stay in the background
  • I don't want to be attention seeking
  • I don't want to appear vain

Sometimes the challenges we face as entrepreneurs come from within. Believing the stories we tell ourselves or adopting labels like 'reserved' or 'camera shy' impacts our journey as entrepreneurs.

Let's see how introvert myths affect your confidence and success when you all you need to be is the face of your business.

Fear not! This article will give you valuable insights and practical strategies for dealing with camera shyness and busting the myths about introverts in business. But let's address the elephant in the room first.

Think about the last time you did a livestream, or the last time you spoke in front of a group (or on video). Can you feel the emotional charge that comes with it? As humans we prefer to avoid this tension. It can be hard work and it can feel safer to retreat, avoid and hide.

This is so common that it is time to examine how we use labels ('introverted') as an excuse not to step into the spotlight. Get ready to rewrite that narrative and bring out your full potential on camera and beyond!

Studies show that challenging some introverted tendencies can raise happiness levels in humans. AND NO, we're not going to ask 'introverts' to act like 'extroverts' now. There's no need to change who you are.

I have something more effective in mind that will align with your core self and make you happier.


The Basics: Define Introvert (Does It Even Matter)? 


Every great leader has a unique personality and it's clear that successful people come in all shapes and sizes. 

Susan Cain shares a lot of insight on introversion. And some of the most influential business leaders and public personas identify as introverts.


You might be surprised you to hear that Beyonce, Lady Gaga, even Christina Aguilera all report 'typically introverted' behaviours.

  • "I’m actually kind of shy. I always feel shy in the Hollywood scene. I feel a bit like I did in high school, like I don’t really fit in.” Lady Gaga
  • “I’m not flirtatious and super-confident and fearless like her [Sasha Fierce]” Beyonce talking about her stage persona
  • "I’m better at one-on-one conversations. I do become shy and a bit intimidated, when it’s a large group of people, I definitely retreat.” Beyonce 


But what does 'introvert' mean? Research shows that introverts prefer to recharge on their own. They prefer to hang out with close friends instead doing small talk at a gathering. 


Do You Identify As An Introvert?

No matter what you say now. It doesn't affect how you run your online business. You don't need to change anything about your personality to win in business.


Does Being An Introvert Matter For How You Do Business?

'Introverted' has nothing to do with how you do business or whether you'll ever be able to overcome camera shyness. 

Even so, it's commonly used as an excuse to stay invisible on social media. Business owners who don't want to be on camera usually say it is so because they're introverts.


You Don't Have To Change Who You Are To Be Confident Speaking And Presenting


Let's decide to transcend whatever label we've slapped on our jumpers.

  • 'Can introverts sell?'
  • 'Can introverts be good on camera?'
  • 'Can introverts find entrepreneurial success?'
  • Yes, yes, yes! Of course.

They can and they do

  • sell high end coaching and high ticket packages
  • sell one-to-many online courses
  • attract a huge following on social media
  • share their message passionately with their audience
  • win at public speaking
  • command a crowd on stage
  • feel good on camera
  • make meaningful connections at networking events

Here are four practical strategies for entrepreneurs show up confidently on camera (and in their business!). 


Step 1 - Are You An Introvert Or Simply A Homebody? Tweak Your Labels


Firstly, keep a log of what labels you’re attaching to yourself. Run through all the labels that come up automatically without much thinking, for example:

  • I’m always late
  • I can't throw anything away
  • I’m a great friend
  • I’m a parent

Note all those down and now make a commitment to keep your ears pricked to catch yourself saying any sentence beginning with: I am_____ 

And as we've seen, a popular label is

  • I’m an introvert

Commonly it’s known as a quiet, even timid personality trait. Someone who feels awkward in social situations.

Why is labelling ourselves ‘introvert’ not the way to go in a business context? I mean, seriously, it's like trying to fit a wildly unique puzzle piece into a one-size-fits-all frame. Bad idea.

When we call someone an introvert, it's like saying, 'Hey, you're reserved and prefer your own company.' But guess what?

We're all dynamic creatures, and our personalities can change depending on the situation.

But attach an ‘introvert’ sticker to your jumper, and suddenly you start acting like the label's written gospel. 

Assumptions start flying about your social skills, leadership potential, and even communication style. You might even start examining yourself for symptoms of social anxiety.

By labelling, we're boxing people in and missing the breathtaking range of their uniqueness.

Let's ditch the labels, celebrate your individuality, and build a world that embraces our human complexity. Without boxing us into Myers-Briggs personality types.


Step 2 - Amplify Your Personality


Let's begin by getting crystal clear on YOU, your values and archetypes. Those lay the foundation for your character and guide your path. Get clear on who you are at your core, know what your audience needs from you and be unafraid to bring that on FULLY. Explore the landscape of your likes and dislikes. Not sure where to begin? Trust your gut instinct – it's your inner compass pointing you in the right direction.

Imagine accepting your whole self with empathy and enthusiasm, the shadows and the shine.

Bring out and saturate those parts you want to take with you into your business. The parts you know can help your people. Turn up the volume on those aspects of your personality. Bring them out with body language, styling, surroundings, the language you use, the causes you align with (True biz self here)

Let your light shine brilliantly! I found an ancient mantra I thought you might like it. Here's my take on it.

From out of the darkness, a brilliant light comes forth and envelops the perfect and the imperfect.

Let this radiant light guide your journey, illuminating your path and inspiring others along the way. So, my friend, are you ready to amplify your personality and let your true non perfect essence shine?

One way you could deliver high quality entertainment is to do what Beyonce did. She created 'Sasha Fierce', her stage persona.


Step 3 - Reframe selling


Let's talk about reframing selling. A game-changer that many conscious entrepreneurs overlook. They don't realise that they can sell and market without being OUT OUT overt. They haven't reframed marketing and selling in the context of serving and helping. 

Selling doesn't have to mean being loud, pushy, or in-your-face.

Shift your perspective. At its core selling is serving and helping others. You don't need to push people into the sale. You create an irresistible offer and leave it out there for your people to come to you.

The magic happens when we approach sales and marketing from a place of genuine care and value. That attitude creates a win-win scenario where the person you help exchanges energy (money) to receive your high value services so that they can experience a transformation.

Yet, so many entrepreneurs don't sell wholeheartedly because they're clinging to the belief that selling requires them to be someone they're not.

It's time to rewrite that script. Reframe selling: make it synonymous with serving. Make marketing a platform for connecting with your people and sharing your gifts with the world.


Step 4 - Practise Self Love & Compassion


Let's not compare ourselves to others, measuring our worth against the successes or qualities of those around us.

Because here's the truth: you are unique. So, let go of the need to tell yourself off for not being like someone else. You are you.

Celebrate your strengths, quirks, and inherent worthiness and stop focusing on what you see as shortcomings or flaws.

Your individuality is precisely what sets you apart and makes you shine so brightly in this world.

Self-love, compassion, kindness and understanding are absolutely key. Treat yourself as you would a loved one.

You deserve to be cherished, valued, and celebrated – simply for being YOU. 


Introvert Labels Are Irrelevant For Your Business


Realtalk: you don’t need to BE a certain way to succeed in business. You don’t need a personality transplant to make it in the business world. The idea that 'You must be born an extrovert to be visible with confidence' is a business-damaging myth.

Bring out YOU and focus on serving your community. And reframe that sleazy car salesman tale you tell yourself to take yourself out of the game.

You can learn to sell from the heart. If you're curious how to do this check out this link.

With love

xoxo Gwen


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