Why Are You Not Achieving Your Goals?

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You have ALL the steps to achieving a goal – but still can’t make it happen. 

We've all been there!

Today, you'll discover the reason why you're procrastinating, and I'll show you how to get your momentum back by reprogramming your subconscious in the most effective way. 

You set goals but achieving success seems impossible even though these goals have been on your to-do list for a few years! What’s really going on here? 

The resistance you’re feeling might be subconscious blocks.

Here's a typical example:​​

Natalie asks: ‘I’ve got an online business and know that video is still a great way to build a relationship with my audience quickly. I totally get this, plus I have loads to say. But every time I think about recording myself I put it off. I can’t bring myself to speak on camera. How can I stop procrastinating?’

This is a common issue. Natalie knows that sharing her message on video is a great way to get more traction online (and she has a smartphone to get her started) but she’s still avoiding video. She's got all the action steps but nothing seems to get her to do the thing. 

What if I told you that she can overcome this procrastination by removing the subconscious fear that is holding her back. 

Natalie’s subconscious programming says that ‘it’s not safe to be visible’ and this limiting belief leads to an avoidance of getting in front of the camera. Resulting in no video output despite best intentions. She's experiencing a subconscious block.

Subconscious Programming Is Powerful


Many people don’t realise that the subconscious runs your physical as well as mental processes. Many of these processes are automatic, including the way we form thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behavioural patterns.

The subconscious is shaped by your past, by beliefs you’re exposed to and by your desires. Your values, reactions, intuition, long term memory and imagination all live in your subconscious.

According to science, 95% of our brain's activity is subconscious. The majority of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behaviours are governed by processes beyond our conscious awareness. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton at Stanford University noted that ‘most people don’t acknowledge that their subconscious mind [is at play when the fact is it] is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind.’ 

In other words: your conscious mind (for example: intention, determination and willpower) can help you reach your goals. But your subconscious is a powerful force you can enrol to enhance your life – or sabotage it!

Having your subconscious on your side is like having a motor pull you towards your goals and dreams. Use this powerhouse! Stop exhausting yourself by trying to push through your goals with sheer conscious willpower alone.

Why We Procrastinate – Even If We *Want* The Outcome


You won't be able to achieve your desired goal if it clashes with a subconscious value or belief. You’ll keep sabotaging it.  

That’s why you want to be sure to align your actions with your subconscious values. Don’t work against your subconscious. Sign it up, align it with your will and intention - and you’re going to be unstoppable.

In the end it’s not conscious will and effort that do the heavy lifting, but the effective power of your subconscious mind. 

So Natalie says ‘I want to focus on video to grow my audience’’. 

But there’s something in the subconscious 95% of her mind that holds a belief that video ain’t healthy.

Then she is going to procrastinate. 

She's likely to have subconscious programming saying:


  • ‘It’s not safe for me to be visible’
  • ‘I suck at presenting - especially on video!”  
  • ‘I don’t want anyone to see me starting small and crappy’
  • ‘It’s not safe to speak up and state an opinion’ 


With a power a million times stronger than her conscious will, we all know who's gonna win. Her subconscious is going to throw a spammer in the works. Natalie is going to procrastinate. So in addition to feeling drained by her efforts, Natalie is going to experience despair at her inability to progress.

It’s on you to condition your subconscious and give it clear direction to create ease in your life. If you enlist it, the subconscious will pull you towards your goals, leaving you with nothing to do but execute habits.

How Reprogramming Your Subconscious Works


  1. An event, thought or a feeling triggers you.
  2. Your subconscious latches on and starts an automatic response to the trigger.
  3. We’re mostly unaware of these fleeting thoughts and processes. Sometimes they’re over in a flash.
  4. But if we let a thought linger, we can get into a funk. Let it linger longer it can be a ‘bad year’
  5. And if we keep the trigger active and firing in our brain constantly we embed this neural pathway deeper and deeper until it becomes our way of life. 
  6. By repeating, ruminating and emphasising, one experience can build out an embedded destructive behaviour pattern in your brain. It's on autopilot, a thought enters, the program is triggered and we keep activating and deepening those patterns.
  7. The loop can be hard to break, especially because our mind tends to latch onto the negative 
  8. It’s on you to step in and consciously choose a better way to think, feel and act. 


Try This Now


Close your eyes and think about a time when you successfully took a step towards your big goal.

It could be the smallest step, so for example for Natalie, who is afraid to be on camera she could imagine how she is posting a photo of herself on her Instagram stories.

Ideally, you rehearse this in a receptive state, such as during hypnosis.

Feel the emotion, live through the event, experience the situation in your imagination, see yourself reacting in a constructive way. The more you fire on this positive circuit the more you embed the desirable behaviour, making it automatic and pleasant.

You’ll enrol your subconscious to make it happen and pull you towards your dreams. 

For Natalie it could be a visualisation of her doing a video that is helping her ideal client. She is doing something good for others with the value she delivers.

How Visualisation Affects The Subconscious Mind 


Your conscious mind uses sensory information to tell whether something is real or imagined. 

Your subconscious mind on the other hand doesn't make the same distinction between imagination and reality. It's intuitive, emotional, and handles information without analysis, reason or logic. Often blending imagination and reality. 

So if you visualise a scenario repeatedly and hold strong beliefs and emotions about it, your subconscious starts believing that those beliefs are true and that the situation is actually happening. This experience then influences your emotions, behaviours, and perceptions of reality, setting you up to work towards that goal in a constructive way.

Say you dream of being a 7-figure CEO. Get real here and imagine what a typical day looks like for this person running a highly successful business? How does your 7-figure CEO self spend their day?

If you step into this vision and feed your subconscious with this ambition, chances are you're going to steer yourself towards time efficiency, prioritising, delegating, focussing on money-making and needle-moving activities. If your subconscious is running this 7-figure CEO program it’s not going to let you mess around and waste time or procrastinate on important tasks!



Why Emotions Are Important When Reprogramming Your Subconscious


Bringing up strong emotions while thinking about a goal will make your visualisation more effective.

Every time you think about your goal, you want to also switch on the strong positive emotions of reaching that goal.

Feel grateful, exhilarated, secure, connected, rich. Step into the version of you who has fulfilled the goal and experience the emotions. This might be challenging at first but it gets easier and is a crucial step in enrolling your subconscious to manifest. Act as if now. 


Your subconscious will pick up the strong emotion and it will pay attention but it won’t be able to distinguish whether your desire has been fulfilled or not. It will have confirmation that the success program it is running works and will deliver more of the same.

If this is something that interests you then come back next week and I'll show you how to access and reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest your goals



Over to you!

What are you procrastinating on? Spend 5 minutes to list it all. Once you have this you can find out whether there's a subconscious programming that's holding you back.


Have a great day

xoxo Gwen


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