Stop wasting your valuable energy. Focus on 1 thing (at a time)

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Tired of having low impact? Change the way you approach business. 

You likely have a thousand interests and passions you follow, but I bet you’ve realised that if you want to grow one of them you need to focus on it (at least for some time).

The question is: how do we feel about this? 


Are we *ready* to focus...excited even?  

Probably not. I was fighting with this for the longest time. It took me ages to stop calling myself 'business success coach' and zone in on becoming ‘the Niche Queen’.

But being a ‘business success coach’ is like wanting to be the sun, it’s glorious, but very diffuse. The Niche Queen is precise and targeted, she helps entrepreneurs nail their niche.

It was a scary step to take, but it didn’t limit me as I feared, transforming myself into the Niche Queen actually grew my reach. Since I’ve taken on that new identity, my business has quadrupled and is continuing to expand. 


Why is this precision beneficial when building a business?

Do you know the tale of the laser and the sun?

Focussing on ONE thing (your niche) is like powering up the laser, a tool that has such intense force many don’t dare to go near!

The laser concentrates energy in a tight and compressed way and it won’t stop until you pull the plug. Wherever you decide to point it, the laser will stay focused, even over vast distances; and what it changed forever. 

Now that's a business tool we all need a little bit more of right?

The laser is what you need in your approach and it is what you CAN achieve. You *can* focus on the inch. Don’t be afraid to get out the big drill!


Laser focus aligns your actions, message and offers

Laser FOCUS in your business means that all your actions, messages and offers are aligned and point into a very obvious direction: further into your world where you can help your people. This is the direction you lead your audience towards. Focused and aligned like that every message and action accumulates and amplifies each other.

The perfect coordination of all you do results in immense power. This is how we get momentum. 

The laser is the most powerful tool you can use, especially if you don’t have vast resources.


The sun is the big diffuser

The sun on the other hand feeds on vast resources. She diffuses her light in all directions and her rays don’t have a laser-like impact (thankfully!).

So if you don’t have vast resources in business, the sun will scatter your solo efforts into a thousand directions, having a small impact (despite burning at millions of degrees at the core). This means you work hard and sweat but your efforts get diluted quite a bit.


Which one will you be? 

Sun or laser? So next time you don't feel like focussing on a niche think back to this. 

And if you're unsure which direction to laser in on, join my exclusive FREE training, where I'll teach you what to look out for if you want to nail a profitable niche. 

xx See you there (and hurry, as places are limited for this!) 


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