Confidence! So you're telling me you won't claim expert of one thing?

confidence niche Jan 31, 2022

You won’t be able to get very far in your niche if you don't claim this expertise. How to set yourself up for success…

“....Who are you to teach this? Who do you think you *are* to help people with this? How can say with a straight face that you’re an expert of ______________. You don’t have enough experience. You. have. no. CLUE how they do it....”

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking this then you’re not alone. Humans are brought up to be like this. We’re critical. We question, doubt, cast shadows. We compare ourselves unfavourably…a loser, a fraud.


The most toxic belief of them all

This negative thinking hurts our progress in life so much and all of it boils down to the one limiting belief:

“I’m not enough”

And this is the exact train of thought that'll prevent you from being the leader and teacher you’re meant to be. That’s going to stop your in its tracks full stop.


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