multi-passionate niche Nov 09, 2022

5 steps you can take today to ensure that your niche is dialled in for profits

Online biz owners, have you placed yourself into these traditional business niche ‘boxes’? 

Location (where’s your shop), demographic (who ARE your ideal clients), psychographic (your ideal clients’ beliefs), product or service (the wares you sell).

Now…what if I told you that successful start ups in the online business world target an even more defined niche market? Niches have become more and more sophisticated over the years.  

I get it, ‘being niche’ is a bold move because we might lose out on that  c a s h f l o w, damnit! Our impulse is to go BIG. Go get the BIGGEST net.

I’m asking you to go against impulse and consider the opposite in fact: go specialist. Do it for the greater good as you’ll be helping more people and making more money. If you become a specialist in a narrow field, you’ll be able to charge more. People...

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Stop wasting your valuable energy. Focus on 1 thing (at a time)

multi-passionate niche Jan 31, 2022

Tired of having low impact? Change the way you approach business. 

You likely have a thousand interests and passions you follow, but I bet you’ve realised that if you want to grow one of them you need to focus on it (at least for some time).

The question is: how do we feel about this? 


Are we *ready* to focus...excited even?  

Probably not. I was fighting with this for the longest time. It took me ages to stop calling myself 'business success coach' and zone in on becoming ‘the Niche Queen’.

But being a ‘business success coach’ is like wanting to be the sun, it’s glorious, but very diffuse. The Niche Queen is precise and targeted, she helps entrepreneurs nail their niche.

It was a scary step to take, but it didn’t limit me as I feared, transforming myself into the Niche Queen actually grew my reach. Since I’ve taken on that new identity, my business has quadrupled and is continuing to expand. 


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Heaven forbid! Focus on ONE niche? You're killing me.

multi-passionate niche Jan 31, 2022

Yes. You too can niche, despite being multi-passionate

[YOU] C’mon. Staying on ONE topic for too long is killin me. Are you joking? 

Well, no, I’m not joking. Your topic might be an inch wide…but it’s a mile deep. And I dare you to discover it fully, but you may have to slow down a bit.

I'm positive that you can do this – even if you get bored easily. Even if pursuing the one thing, specialising on the one niche sounds dull to you right now. 


I’ve been where you are

If you're anything like me then you might be an easily bored thrill seeker! Excitement, surprises, and novelty delight you and you loathe routine, structure, repetition.

But if you want to achieve your business goals, you’ll have to buckle down and focus on one thing at a time. So claim and own a niche, discover all its secrets, fascinating truths, connections. I've done just that and if I can do this, you can too. 



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