The best way to grow an audience is being broad + general. (true…or false?)

niche personality Jan 31, 2022

FALSE, of course! Beware. Don't post generic fluff without depth and personality.


Still, so many struggling entrepreneurs do just that. 

They worry they won’t be able to grow an audience if they go niche in content and personality. The result: wishy washy content, confusing offerings and a hesitation to show up authentically. Stand-out factor? Negative.


Yet, they still dilute it all down

Well, they fear pushing followers away and they worry they’ll be laughed at. They assume people on the internet aren’t going to be interested if they define their field too narrowly.

And I get it! You’re concerned people unfollow you if you go too specific (and some might). You’re holding back because some people might laugh (ditto!)

We all want to fit in, it’s part of being human. But keep in mind that not showing up authentically with your THING isn’t fulfilling and it hurts sales.


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