Confidence! So you're telling me you won't claim expert of one thing?

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You won’t be able to get very far in your niche if you don't claim this expertise. How to set yourself up for success…

“....Who are you to teach this? Who do you think you *are* to help people with this? How can say with a straight face that you’re an expert of ______________. You don’t have enough experience. You. have. no. CLUE how they do it....”

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking this then you’re not alone. Humans are brought up to be like this. We’re critical. We question, doubt, cast shadows. We compare ourselves unfavourably…a loser, a fraud.


The most toxic belief of them all

This negative thinking hurts our progress in life so much and all of it boils down to the one limiting belief:

“I’m not enough”

And this is the exact train of thought that'll prevent you from being the leader and teacher you’re meant to be. That’s going to stop your in its tracks full stop.

There’s no business without you getting up being the expert, so get up, stand up.


Where to put the jitters? 

Sure. I get it, it’s scary sticking your head out. I get the jitters every time. I freak out on camera, I feel dizzy when public speaking. But I don't let the jitters stop me.

The jitters mean that you're about to do something important. 


What if people laugh?

Yes, some folks will laugh at some point. Or frown. But…whatever you do, they’ll judge either way. You'll have a more successful and fulfilling life if you manage to overcome the fear of this.

Because you won’t find success in business if you keep holding yourself back.

You won’t be able to nail your niche if you’re not willing to claim to be the expert (or willing to become the expert).


You're a Superstar

Stand for your expertise. Experiment with which expertise to choose; and yeeees, nothing is set in stone. Your chosen field is likely to evolve as you evolve.

But you have to stand up and claim your expertise to get started. If you want to make ONE offer only, you need to claim expert for that! 

Because people wanna buy the ONE, ONLY, BEST from the expert. I mean who would you buy from? The expert.

Now, this may make you nervous but here’s a solution. You don’t have to start out being the expert of a massive field…

To make this more palatable, why not start in a narrowly defined niche. You may not be ready to be the expert leadership coach of the Internet but you can be the expert instagram stories sales coach for corporate mums!

You can't help everyone, but you can help someone. Claim your one thing today and get started imperfectly.


Don't Hide - Be You

Grab the mike. Maybe *deep down* you actually enjoy being an expert on stage in front of a large audience? But you feel that you shouldn’t really because you don’t want to be vain, showy, attention seeking, stage-struck. 

But there’s no shame in wanting to share your message. Don’t let this keep-you-in-line attitude hold you back from stepping up.

Have fun on stage! Enjoy the clipboard, the buzz, the lights, the projectors. Assume that your follower – the one person you speak to and help – wants to see you and loves to hear from you!

Go on and be the leader you were meant to be, the world needs YOU. The world needs to hear your what you have to say.


Make it about your message

And now shift your focus from yourself to your audience. (This will be especially calming, if the idea of being out front leaves you reeling.)

Lean into something bigger than you: the helping, serving and sharing.

You are enough.

You matter.

What you have to say matters. 

Put away your jealousies and your insecurities - you have work to do!


How do you serve?

Imagine you see a child falling into a well, what would you do? Would you rush there and grab their wrists, would you throw down your rope? 

Of course you would!

You wouldn’t stand by because you don’t have the perfect tools. You wouldn’t hesitate because you’re not wearing the right outfit! You wouldn’t care if anyone laughs at how you do it.

You don’t have another choice. If you refuse to lean your expertise then you won't be able to serve in your business.


Can I turn my expertise into a profitable business?

So are you going to waste another day hiding your light, or are you ready to step up?

If you aren't sure whether the niche you want to choose is going to be profitable, then you're going to love my free training.

I'll show you exactly what you need to keep in mind when choosing a niche and an expertise. (You want to make sure your idea is actually profitable and in demand in the market)

See you there!

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