How to take the stress out of niching + get into inspired action

inspired action niche Feb 01, 2022

Trying to niche is a waste of should let your niche come to you

Ha! Don’t you just love those folks with the killer business instinct? 

“You’re wasting energy on trying to niche”, they huff into their smartphone. "Niche, market, ideal client avatar?’re procrastinating. Just get *out there*…and let your niche find you.”


You were *born* niche / you hammered it out before lunch

Hey ho. Being passive around niching is totally cool if you were born niche or if you’ve hammered out your niche one day before lunch, on a napkin…ugh!

“pfff...just get on with business – the sales will follow””

Your laugh sounds hollow from being stuck in the niching processes; their voice is fading into the hum: “don't overthink it”, it echoes “you don’t need an avatar, you need to SELL that shizzle”


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